Self Storage Packing Tips

Packing for Storage

Use these ideas to maximize your storage space, prevent damage to your belongings, and make your experience a pleasant one! Pack fragile items carefully to prevent breakage. Wrap dishes individually and use special dish boxes. Pack paper into the top, bottom, and empty spaces in the box. Position plates and bowls on their sides (wrapped), […]

Self-Storage Tips And Hints

Self Storage Tips

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your self-storage facility and keep your items in good condition. Before You Choose a Facility If you think you’ll be picking up or dropping off items on a regular basis, it’s wise to choose a storage facility that’s close to home. Make sure […]

How To Downsize Before You Move

Downsizing Before Moving

The children have moved out. It’s quiet for the first time in years. Suddenly, your four-bedroom house looms like a four-headed monster. The solution seems simple – downsize to something smaller. That is all right in theory, but in practice both the emotional and financial ramifications of downsizing your life are traumatic. Disposing of extra […]

How To Choose And Maintain A Self Storage Unit

Self Storage Units

1. Determine what size unit you’ll need. Are you storing furniture, appliances and other large, bulky items? Or are you just storing files, books and smaller boxes? 2. Thoroughly inspect the storage space. Is it clean and dry? Make sure the doors are in working order. 3. Place wooden pallets on concrete floors for ventilation […]

Moving Containers For Easy Transport

Moving Containers

When you’re transporting your belongings from one location to another, it can be a logistical nightmare. Coordinating rental trucks, movers, timelines, delivery times and more is enough to make even those with cool heads grow hot under the collar. But, the process of relocating has changed dramatically in recent years. Today, you can have moving […]

The Basics Of Moving Pods

Portable Moving Container

In the past, moving to a new home often meant either loading up your pickup truck, renting a moving truck, or hiring movers to do the job for you. Things have changed recently with the introduction of moving PODS (Portable On-Demand Storage). They take an otherwise tedious and stressful situation and turn it into a […]