7 Relocation Tips For Smooth Moves

Relocation Moving Tips

Have you ever noticed that when someone moves or runs away on TV, they just throw a few things in a duffel bag and walk out the door? Right! Life should be so easy. Relocation is hugely difficult. It’s physically demanding, mentally draining and financially dizzying. Even if you hire the best movers, getting from […]

Moving Truck And Van Rental Tips

Moving Truck Rental

Renting a truck? Follow these hints to make your move a whole lot easier and safer: One key to a stress-free move is how you pack your truck-placing items correctly inside the truck will make the ride smoother and unloading a whole lot easier. Plan your move mid-week instead of a weekend. This ensures better […]

Budgeting For Moving And Relocation


Recently Barbie and Ken (not their real names) moved a few thousand feet, across a courtyard. They traded up from a one-bedroom apartment to a two-bedroom apartment. They were amazed by four things: how much stuff they had in their old apartment, how much stuff they needed for their new apartment, how much stuff from […]

Moving From A Large House To A Mobile Home

Downsizing and Moving

Like moving into a new house, moving into a mobile home has its own set of challenges. The transition can be difficult if you are moving from a big house to a smaller manufactured home. Planning as far in advance of the move can certainly add organization to what usually turns into a massively stressful […]

How To Save Money When Moving

Couple Moving

Moving doesn’t have to break the bank. We’ve put together some ways you can keep to your budget and still have a great moving experience. Have a large library? Packing and mailing books to your new address-using the U.S. Postal Service’s Book Rate-can save you enough money to buy a few new bestsellers. One of […]

The Ultimate Plan-Your-Move Checklist

Planning Your Move

Moving is one of life’s major stresses. We hope this list will help reduce the chaos. 1-2 Months Before The Move: Make a “change of address” list. As soon as you know your new address, decide you needs to know (e.g. subscriptions, government agencies, local businesses, credit-card companies). Contact utility companies to activate service at […]

Moving Company Scams – How To Spot A Rogue Mover

Bad Moving Company

Generally, fraudulent moving companies operate this way: they give a low budget by telephone or via the Internet without ever visiting your home or seeing the items you want moved. Once your goods are loaded on the truck, before delivery, they will require more money. Then they hold your goods hostage and force you to […]

How To Choose A Reputable Moving Company

Reputable Moving Company

Here is an essential “to do” list to assist you with finding the right moving company: 1. Get several written estimates from different movers. The quoted dollar amount should be based on an actual inspection of your goods. 2. Make sure the mover has insurance coverage and holds a license issued by the appropriate authority. […]

How To Avoid The Relocation Blues

Moving Depression

Everything is unpacked and the kids are settled in school. However, you’re at loose ends. Feeling like you “belong” is probably the hardest part of your post-moving activities.There are a few simple things you can do to make new friends after relocating. Join a league. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bowling league or a […]

Moving Expenses – What Is Tax Deductible?

Moving Expenses and Taxes

According to the Internal Revenue Service, certain moving-related expenses are deductible on your federal income tax form. Check the chart below to see what moving-related expenses can and cannot be claimed.   Expense Explanation Reasonable traveling expenses  Gas and oil or mileage allotment. Parking fees Tolls Lodging Meals The IRS allows you to deduct expenses […]

Tips For Moving With Children

Moving Family and Children

Moving to a new home is stressful on the entire family. However, this is especially true for your children. Many times children will react negatively to the news of a major move. They feel they are just starting to fit in and now they have to start all over. They worry about losing friends, making […]

How To Move With Your Teenager

Moving with Teenagers

1. Let them know that you understand their pain. By being honest and open about your feelings and emotions, you help them understand that moving is a part of life, and can turn out to be a positive experience. 2. Listen to their fears. Answer all their questions and be calm. Your teen will be […]

How to Find A Good Job When Your Spouse Is Relocating

Finding Job After Relocating

1. Contact your employer as soon as the move is finalized. Are there any opportunities available in your new town? Your company may have a branch office or affiliate in your new location where you would be able to transfer. 2. Contact your spouse’s employer to ascertain what, if any, provisions can be made for […]

How To Prepare Your Children For Your Move

Preparing a Child for Moving

1. As soon as your prospective move becomes a reality, tell your family of your plans. Children, even young children, like to be informed about change. This makes them feel important and involved in family decisions. 2. Listen to their fears. Letting a child express his or her feelings is essential so they will view […]

How To Have A Moving Sale

Moving and Garage Sale

1. Ask every member of the family to sort through their belongings and set aside items they want to sell. 2. Contact your local town clerk to see if you need a permit to hold the sale, pay a fee or collect sales tax. It’s also a good thing to ask if you can put […]

Moving With Children – Preparing Your Kids For A Move

Moving with Kids

While moving to a new home can be an exciting and happy experience for families, it also can be a difficult adjustment for children. They may be leaving behind their friends, their activity centers, their school, and even other family members-many of the people and places that have provided them security and comfort. Parents should […]

Preparing For A Do-It-Yourself Move

Preparing to Move

Determine if a do-it-yourself move would be appropriate. A do-it-yourself move is worth considering when you are making a short move across town, when you are moving relatively small amounts of goods, when your move is not underwritten by your employer, or whenever financial considerations make it necessary. Decide if you are prepared to do […]

Getting Ready To Move Your Office

Moving Your Office

You want to find a moving company that is committed to presenting you with a complete, realistic picture of the relocation process to deliver a successful move. An estimator will come to the site to survey your facilities. During this process, they will determine the manpower required; the type and amount of equipment and materials […]

Tips For Moving With Your Pets

Moving with Pets

1. Before you leave, check with your new city’s animal or health department to see what, if any, bans or restrictions in place. Some areas prohibit ownership of certain breeds or varieties, like ferrets or pit bulls. 2. If you are crossing state lines, check if the state or states you are traveling through require […]

Using International Moving Services To Relocate

International Moving

Moving to another country can be intimidating. You’ll likely be completely out of your comfort zone in a land that may seem peculiar to you at first. Unless you live minimally with few possessions, hiring a relocation company is practically required. Fortunately, there are several international moving services from which to choose. While few are […]

Finding Dependable National Moving Companies

National Moving Company

Every type of move has its own stresses and problems. But, moving across the country or between states offers a unique set of challenges. It can take much more time to move your belongings. Plus, you’ll be in transit between your old and new homes for much longer than would be required for a move […]

4 Hidden Moving Costs To Anticipate

Cost of Moving

Planning to move is fraught with several hidden expenses that most people fail to anticipate. Relocating is always expensive. But, when you find yourself having to pay for things you didn’t foresee, it can have a severe impact on your budget. Here are 4 hidden moving costs that are easy to overlook. 1. Additional Moving […]

Your Week-By-Week Moving Guide

Woman Packing and Moving

As your moving day approaches, the pressure increases. Not only must you manage the hundreds of details involved when moving, including changing mailing addresses, hiring movers and transferring utility services; you may have to deal with a new job, finding nearby grocery stores and more. The secret to a smooth, problem-free move is to plan […]

Saving Money With Moving Company Quotes

Moving Quotes to Save Money

Relocation companies often charge prices that can be vastly different. While some companies are less-than-reputable and try to gouge potential customers, other companies offer a wide range of services that can turn an otherwise reasonable cost into a seemingly exorbitant price. The only way to have a good idea whether a quoted price is reasonable […]

Are Moving Company Reviews Reliable?

Reviewing Moving Companies

Thousands of relocation companies litter the country. Choosing one from the throngs can be difficult. After all, some companies are better than others. When it comes to moving, price is not the only factor. The professionalism of the movers plays a major role in a smooth, problem-free relocation. There are thousands of moving company reviews […]

The Value Of A Moving Estimate

Estimate of Moving Costs

The amount it costs to relocate can be substantial. But, if you’re not diligent, costs can spiral out of control. It’s likely that you’re considering using movers to relocate. It’s generally easy and problem-free, making your experience easier and less stressful. However, you can easily find yourself paying much more than you thought you would […]

Helpful Tips For A Smooth House Moving

House Moving

You’re moving into a new home. It should be an invigorating, exciting experience. Instead, it’s usually a stressful one. But, moving doesn’t have to be a bad experience. In fact, with a few tips, you can increase the likelihood that your house moving will be smooth and stress-free. Make A List There are many things […]

5 Moving Tips To Reduce Stress

Moving Stress Tips

Some people become frazzled during a move. Others seem to handle it with grace and a smile. But, it’s not a matter of personality and disposition. Enjoying a stress-free move is largely a matter of using the following 5 moving tips. 1. Take Advantage Of Moving Supplies There’s no need to cause yourself unnecessary stress […]

4 Things To Remember When Moving And Relocating

Moving and Relocating

In the tumult of moving and relocating, it’s easy to overlook tasks that need to be done. Unfortunately, when you forget to do things during a move, it can cause a major headache later. Below, you’ll find 4 things that are easy to forget that you should make certain you remember to do. 1. Keep […]

Finding A Good Moving Truck Rental

Rental Moving Truck

If you’re moving yourself (rather than hiring movers), you’ll probably need to rent a truck in order to transport your belongings to your new home. The experience you have with your moving truck rental is largely dependent upon you. The planning you do ahead of time can save you time, money and frustration. Here are […]