How To Pack And Move Computer Equipment

Packing and Moving ComputersPack computer equipment in its original boxes and packing material. If that is not available, sturdy television boxes should be purchased or acquired from your moving company.

Static electricity is a problem. Even the slightest bit of static can severely damage sensitive components. Look for pink, or antistatic bubble wrap for your equipment.

Make backup copies of your hard drive and all your files. Store these in antistatic wrap and pack in a secure box with the original software that was shipped with your computer. Store the backup disks in a separate place than the computer. Macintosh users should consult their owner’s manual for instructions on parking the hard drive.

A “park and lock” system should be implemented before moving the computer. This helps protect the recording heads. The program is called “SHIPDISK.EXE” and should be found on the diagnostic diskette that came with your computer. Macintosh users should check their owner’s manual.

Insert an old diskette into the drive and close the door to help protect the drive.

Remove ink jet or laser printer cartridges and store separately. Bag tightly and pack with the printer. If moving a pin printer, insert a piece of paper in the platen to secure the system.

Double-boxing equipment provides double protection. Pack the equipment in a smaller box, surround with blankets, clothing or packing material, seal and place the smaller box inside a larger one. Place more blankets between the two boxes and over the top, and seal the larger box.

Finishing Touches

Handle computer boxes with extreme caution when placing them in your new location. Retain the packing materials in case you need to move again.