Getting Ready To Move Your Office

Moving Your OfficeYou want to find a moving company that is committed to presenting you with a complete, realistic picture of the relocation process to deliver a successful move. An estimator will come to the site to survey your facilities. During this process, they will determine the manpower required; the type and amount of equipment and materials needed; and the logistics of the move, with relation to elevators and street access.

They should check with building management to ensure that certificates of insurance are on file and that there are no other major deliveries occurring simultaneous with the move. A company foreman will be sent subsequent to the survey to color-code the entire project.

Approximately Two Weeks Prior to the Move:

Two sets of your finished floor plans should be made available to your moving company. Upon receipt of these plans, a coloring and numbering system will be inaugurated. They will color-code your floor plans, identifying all furniture and equipment. The color-coding system affords a swift, accurate movement of office effects with a simplified method of placing the effects at the final destination.

Approximately One Week Prior to the Move:

The labeling of all furniture and equipment will be accomplished. Pressure sensitive tags, bearing the exact location of each piece will be applied to each article of furniture and equipment for ease in setting into place at the new building. All furniture to be left behind will be marked with special “DO NOT MOVE” tags. Similarly, placards will be placed in front of each office showing its code number, letter, and color.

It is advisable to institute an immediate cleaning-up policy. Any unwanted paper or material should be disposed of. This would reduce the number of loads to be moved and therefore reduce your cost. Upon request, trash containers will be delivered to your premises.

Several Days Prior to the Move:

The space at your new location will be properly marked with directional signs and placards to expedite the placing of all furniture and equipment upon arrival. The moving company should place spot indicators on the floor showing location and code number of each article of furniture.

On Moving Day:

Precautionary measures will be put into effect to safeguard all entrances, exits, and corridors in a proper manner at both locations. Your movers will place clean masonite over all carpeted areas, hallways, and/or doors at the new location in advance of the move for complete protection against any possible damage.