Office Moving – Tips For Packing And Unpacking

Office Packing and MovingIn general, you should leave the packing to the movers. They will wrap all furniture in furniture blankets for protection and most will use shrink wrap to give dirt/soil protection. Here are a few tips for packing the office.

Packing Instructions for Employees


  • Remove all fragile items.
  • Pens, pencils, paperclips, etc. should be placed in an envelope, sealed and replaced in your desk drawer.
  • All personal valuables must be removed prior to the move.
  • Pack contents in containers supplied by the mover.

Lateral Files:

  • Two and tree-drawer laterals – can be moved with contents intact.
  • Four-drawer laterals – empty the top drawer.
  • Five-drawer laterals – empty the top two drawers.

Vertical Files:

Moved with contents intact. If you have keys, lock the drawers and keep the keys with you.

Credenzas, Bookcases, Stationary cabinets:

Must be emptied completely.

Word processing equipment and computers:

Should be disconnected by a qualified individual prior to removal.

Copy machines:

Should be prepared for moving by the manufacturer or manufacturer’s representative prior to the move.


Should be unbolted and left on the desk.

Map or Plan files:

All drawings should be secured inside the drawers.

Small plants:

Should be transported by the owner. Large plants will be handled by the mover at the owner’s risk.

Small pictures:

Should be wrapped and placed in a carton (marked fragile). Large pictures, maps, and wall boards will be handled by the mover.


Labels placed on furniture by mover must not be removed or changed. If you have any questions, please ask the mover. Additional labels will be supplied to you for placement on cartons.