Moving From A Large House To A Mobile Home

Downsizing and MovingLike moving into a new house, moving into a mobile home has its own set of challenges. The transition can be difficult if you are moving from a big house to a smaller manufactured home. Planning as far in advance of the move can certainly add organization to what usually turns into a massively stressful and chaotic time. Here are a few basic tips to get things rolling well in advance of the big move:


Space is the big issue when moving from a traditional house to a mobile home. You will want to downsize and get rid of as much as you can prior to the move. You need to determine what furniture and other large items will fit into your new mobile home, then give away or sell the stuff that you will not have room for. Monthly storage fees for large items are expensive, so it’s best to get rid of as much as you can.

Start going through closets, drawers, storage rooms and the garage to dispose of things you don’t need. If you are not sure about keeping or getting rid of an item, ask yourself when you last used the item, do you use it often, what kind of condition is it in, and if you really need it.

Plan a yard sale to help finance your upcoming move and rid yourself of the extra junk in your life. If a yard sale is out of the question, plan on donating items to one of numerous charitable causes that will come directly to your house to pick up boxed and bagged items. And don’t forget to get a receipt because donations are tax deductible!


You can perform some simple upgrades to your manufactured home to increase space. Like installing shelving units and upgrading kitchen cabinets. This not only gives you more room, it also increases the value of your mobile home. Go to your local home improvement store and talk to a specialist about space saving solutions.

Moving into a mobile home from a large house can be difficult. But with some proper planning and downsizing, the move should go smoothly.