Getting A Handle On Moving Supplies

Moving and Packing SuppliesMoving isn’t easy. Each of us has hundreds, if not thousands of items around our homes. When the day comes to pack everything to transport it across town (or further), finding an easy way to do it can be a challenge. Fortunately, there’s a huge variety of moving supplies that can help get the job done. Below, we’ll describe a few of them.

Types Of Moving Boxes

There are several types of moving boxes. The most common type are standard boxes which come in many different sizes. There are clothes boxes that are designed to easily transport your wardrobe. You can purchase kitchen boxes that make moving your glassware, utensils, dishes and wine bottles easy. There are also boxes that are designed to move your electronics such as microwaves and TV’s.

Types Of Tape

If you’re moving, you’ll probably need tape. But, you may not realize how many types of tape are available. Besides the standard mailing and shipping tape, you can buy rounds of “easy tear” tape, double-side tape, clear packing tape as well as a tape dispenser to make tearing the tape easy.

Ropes And Tie-Downs

If you’re transporting things in the back of a truck or storage unit that will be open while on the road, you’ll definitely need rope to hold things down. But, rope isn’t your only choice. You can buy heavy duty tie-downs with metal ratchets that can withstand 800 lbs., if necessary. If you need something lightweight, you can purchase braided nylon, elastic straps and even cargo net.

Knowing What You Need

You can ensure that your moving day goes smoothly by investing in a variety of moving supplies. Plan ahead what you’ll need. If you have heavy items that you know will need support in the back of a pickup truck, plan to buy heavy duty tie-downs. If you want to move your wardrobe without throwing everything in the trunk of your car, purchase a wardrobe box (or two). A stress-free moving day may depend upon having the right supplies.