How To Move Your Plants Safely

Moving Plants1. Prune or trim the plants a couple weeks prior to moving.

2. A week before you move, place the plants into a black plastic bag. You can use a plastic garbage bag for this. Insert a bug strip or pesticide in the bag to get rid of any burrowing or hidden insects that might want to move with you.

3. Tightly seal the bag and leave in a cool spot overnight to allow the pest strip to work.

4. The day before your move set the plants in heavy, sturdy cardboard containers. Using extra moving boxes works well. Secure the plants in the box by stuffing damp newspaper or packing paper between the pots.

5. Surround the tender leaves with paper to cushion them during the move and top that with more wet paper to keep the plants moist.

6. Mark the boxes clearly to prevent the movers from placing them in the moving van.

7. On the day of the move, close the boxes, but cut some ventilation holes in the top prior to loading them into your car.

8. When you stop, make sure you leave your car in a shady spot during warm weather and a warm, sunny area in the colder weather in order to keep the plants healthy.

Finishing Touches

1. As soon as you arrive, unpack the plants from their moving containers. Open the bottom of the box and remove gently so the stems aren’t damaged or broken.

2. Don’t place them in direct sunlight right away. Gradually increase the light so the plants don’t go into shock.


1. Be sure to handle the plants gently!

2. Check with the local authorities before moving garden plants or bulbs.