Saving Money With Moving Company Quotes

Moving Quotes to Save MoneyRelocation companies often charge prices that can be vastly different. While some companies are less-than-reputable and try to gouge potential customers, other companies offer a wide range of services that can turn an otherwise reasonable cost into a seemingly exorbitant price. The only way to have a good idea whether a quoted price is reasonable is to collect several moving company quotes to compare. Below, you’ll learn about possible factors that can impact quotes and why price alone shouldn’t be your sole deciding factor in choosing a relocation company.

How Are Moving Costs Calculated?

There are several components of a relocation that a company may use to determine the price they charge. For example, the price may include time spent driving from the old location to your new home, the number of movers required, whether you live on the second floor of a building, the day you move and several other factors.

Adding to the confusion, some companies charge more than others for gas, insurance, prioritization and season (certain months of the year are busy moving times). Other factors can include whether an apartment building has an elevator, available parking for the movers and whether the moving company considers the relocation a long distance. Knowing the factors that can potentially impact your overall cost can help you compare quotes between several companies.

Price Should Not Be The Only Factor

While price is a critical piece of selecting a relocation company, it shouldn’t be the only factor you consider. In truth, many reputable companies provide excellent service, are always punctual and hire professional movers. So, paying a few extra dollars for those benefits may be worthwhile. Often, the companies who charge the lowest prices in the industry have customers who are unimpressed with the service.

The best advice we can offer is the gather several moving company quotes. Ask those companies how their prices are determined and how extra services can impact the final cost of the move. Then, compare different companies’ quotes. Keep in mind the reputation of those companies and the experiences of others. By using all the information available, you can make an informed decision regarding which company to hire.