Moving Advice: Packing For Your Move

Packing for MovingHere are some essential packing tips to ensure that your move goes smoothly.

Take Inventory And Make A List

Write everything down and create some type of record keeping system. You can make a spreadsheet and prepare computer labels or you can create a simple hand written notebook. The important thing is to document all of the items you place in a box, put numbers on the boxes you pack, and record the contents on your list.

Use A Number System

When numbering the boxes, start by packing the items that you need the least. If you number the boxes in ascending order starting at one, you know that the boxes with the lowest numbers can be unpacked last. The higher numbered boxes are the ones with the important items that you use the most.

Implement A Color Code Method

Apply colored stickers on the box, near the box number, and give each room a designated color. Here is an example: Blue boxes go in the bedroom, Yellow goes in the kitchen, Red in the living room, etc. You can then post the color over the top of the doorway in the room where the boxes belong.

Have Enough Packing Supplies

Make sure that you have plenty of packing supplies on hand. You will need lots of packing tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, and a bunch of boxes. One source of free boxes is your local liquor store. You don’t need huge boxes because they will be too hard to lift. Remember to keep your box size reasonable.

Use Plenty Of Packing Paper

Use lots of packing paper inside the box on the top and bottom to provide good cushion. It’s best to use clean or unprinted newsprint. If you use traditional newspaper, the ink can rub off onto your items. Again, make sure you have plenty of packing supplies so you don’t run out.

Don’t Pack Flammables Or Other Chemicals

Dispose of partially used cans of paint, thinner, bleach, or any other substances that may be flammable or combustible. You need to drain the fuel from your lawn mower and other machines before the move.